Jeffrey Roberts

Jeffrey Roberts Elite Judge Hip Hop International



Name                       Jeffrey Roberts

Place of birth       Paramaribo, Suriname

Education              HBO LEVEL

School of Law


1983Dance/Hip Hop pioneer in The Netherlands
 Dutch Champion with Perfect Combination
1984Tour Alex and the City Crew
 Established Electric Boogie Men. Two record releases.
 Established Dynamic Rockers.
 Support-act Madonna in Paris
 Support-act Randy Crawford in Germany
1985Support-act van Run DMC in Jaap Edenhal
World Champion in Montecatini in Italy
1990Show with Keith Sweat in Paradiso
1992Campaign Philips Tour for the Taper label
Campaign Coca Cola
 Support-act Destiny’s Child
1996Show LL cool J in London
2000Tour with Allure
 Tour with Destiny’s Child
2002Video clip RMX Crew
 Member of dance group: The Step Creators

Teacher at ROC ASA in Amsterdam, Brede KUNST Project Leader at Festival Hip Hop Summit in Amsterdam Project Leader at Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) Organizer Battle of the Year in Paramaribo Dance workshops in Suriname

Working with children at the Peace Flame House in Bosnia Opening Bijlmer Station, dancing for princess

AmericaEstablished Hip-hop school FAYA in Suriname South
Dance History teacher ROC Dance Education, Utrecht
 Dance workshops in Bosnia
 Establisher Botycaricom in Suriname
 Hip Hop Toolbox for Kunstfactor
 Judge Summer Sickness Dance Event at Laren
 Teacher for dance history at ROC Utrecht
 Dance workshops at schools: Griftland College and De
 Hip Hop workshops De Kubus in Lelystad and College de
 Brink in Laren
 Dance history teacher and coordinator ROC Utrecht
 Project leader at Summer Sickness Event in Laren
 Jury Swiss Hip Hop Championship
2013Coordinator dance department ROC Utrecht
Established Dance school Dynamic Dance Lab
2013Judge Hip Hop International Switzerland
2013Project leader Batlle Back to the Roots Almere
2014Project leader City VS City battle Almere Netherlands
2014/15Judge Hip Hop International Switzerland
2014Judge Hip Hop International Portugal
Project leader battle Can’t Stop Won’t Stop at Almere
2001-2015Dance workshops at several schools and institutes
2015Judge Dutch Breakdance Championship
2015Opening Dynamic Rockers Academy
2016Judge Hip Hop International Netherlands
2016Judge Hip Hop International Switzerland
2016Project leader for World B-Boy Classic Suriname
2016The Rocking Chairs (Holland Got Talent)
2016With The Rocking Chairs (Das Super Talent) Germany
2017Lessons in Soest (IDEA) Kids/Adults
2017Performance with The Rocking Chairs through The
Workshop Basis school Kinderboom Amsterdam
2017Judge Hip Hop International Switzerland
2017Judge Hip Hop International Netherlands
2017Les Solid ground movement.
2017Show with The rocking Chairs.
2017Lessons Soest Idea.
2018Lessons on basisschool KinderBoom Amsterdam
2018Lessons Kunstencentrum Idea Soest
2018Lessons on basisschool Ijplein Amsterdam-Noord
2018Les Solid Ground Movement
2018Several Shows with The Rocking Chairs
2018Judge Hip Hop International Switzerland
2018Judge Hip Hop International Netherlands
2018Elite Judge Course, Phoenix Arizona
2018Shadow Judge World Hip Hop Dance Championship
2019Judge Hip Hop International Ireland
2019Judge Hip Hop International Netherlands
2019Judge Hip Hop International Portugal
2019Judge Hip Hop International Germany
2019Judge Hip Hop International Switzerland

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